Travel books

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Iceland 2020

India 2020 Cancelled (Corona)!

South Africa 2019

Asia 2018 (Hong Kong, Bangkok)

USA 2018

Australia, New Zealand, Thailand 2018

USA 2018, Florida

USA 2017, Hawaii

USA 2016, Florida

USA 2016, Hawaii

USA 2015

South Africa 2014

USA 2013

Singapore 2012

USA 2012

South Africa 2012

South Africa 2011

South Africa 2010

Kanary Islands 2010

United Kingdom 2009

Teneriffa 2008

USA 2008

USA 2007

USA 2005

United Kingdom 2004

You can find summaries about those destinations:


Great Britain

Canary Islands

South Africa

(all can be accessed directly via the header).

Lots of pictures, located on a world map, are available on Panoramio!

As a special service for all who plan an USA trip, here is a list of our most popular restaurants in the south western USA!

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